DON’T Keep These Documents In Your Car

With car ownership. there is a lot of paperwork to manage. Some of this paperwork is safe to keep in your car, some isn’t. The key question to ask yourself is this: Does this document provide someone else with my personal information?

Let’s take a look:

Keep In Your Car

  1. Owner’s Manual: If you have this, keep it in your glove compartment. It comes in handy should you need to change a tire or find out what a mystery button is really for.

Keep On Your Phone

  1. Proof of Insurance: You need this if you should get pulled over by law enforcement. In Tennessee, it is acceptable for this to be stored on your cell phone, if you should choose. Many of the car insurance companies we work with have apps that can also provide proof of insurance at a moment’s notice. And our Client Center login can provide proof of insurance documents for you as well.
  2. Registration: You will also need this if you should get pulled over by law enforcement. Keep it on your phone or in your wallet so that you can find it when you need it.

Keep At Home

  1. Vehicle Title: This document states that your vehicle belongs to you. If someone broke into your car and found your car title and registration, they would have what they need to sell your car or keep it. This document is best stored in a safe place with other important documents at your home. We recommend a fireproof safe.
  2. Loan Documents: Your car loan documents also contain information about your vehicle that you don’t want a thief to have. This is sensitive information that should also stay at home.

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