Giving Back in July

Group Photo for Nashville Humane Association Event

Do you like dogs?

We sure do. That’s why this month was such a uniquely fulfilling one for us here at Cordell Insurance Agency. Most of our clients are well-acquainted by now with our loving office dog, Mr. Baxter. Well, to build upon the warm and fuzzy feelings he brings to work every day and to give back to our community, we decided to partner up with the Nashville Humane Association for the whole month of July! And what a month it was.

We started out with the basics: donations.

Having never really done something like this before, we weren’t entirely sure how it would all pan out. How would we get the word out? Thankfully, the mysterious powers of Facebook did not fail us. Before we knew it, we had an entire waist-high box full of linen sheets, tasty treats, and all sorts of things a cat or dog could ever ask for.  We even had a bunch of one-serving dishes of that extra-good soft food that pups have fought wars over.  It was amazing, and we sincerely thank everyone who donated to these cats and dogs in need.

But that was only the beginning.

To try and help the association as best we could, we scheduled a puppy play date where the NHA could bring a few of the little guys and gals up for adoption to our office. We put out the word to our clients and community and sure enough, they answered the call. Lindsay from the humane association came by on the last Friday afternoon of the month, three pups in tow. They were adorable!

When Gloria dropped off our donations, we filled three large garbage bags and a shopping cart. Thank you for your support!

All in all, July was an incredible month for us here at Cordell Insurance. The action-packed month opened with a July 4th party for patriotism and closed with a July 27th party for puppies. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Gloria and Puppy with Our Donations

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