January Home Inventory – Bathrooms

This is my first time completing a home inventory, so I am having lots of growing pains. I am entering everything onto my spreadsheet just in case I should need it.

By the end of things, I was able to save myself a LOT of time by doing one task at a time. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Create folders for each part of the room (e.g sink, tub, medicine cabinet)
  2. Use photos to enter items onto the spreadsheet, making sure to enter items one part of the room at a time. NOTE: I took photos this way, so it was easy to do.
  3. After entering Everything in the photos, I filed my photos in the appropriate folder (see step 1).
  4. THEN, I took the time to look-up the value of each item on the sheet.
  5. This step is optional, I’m doing it to save storage space.  I zipped the folders of the photos after this (so I could reference them while valuing, if needed).
  6. Done and ready for the next room.

Now, the process wasn’t fast, but it was faster this way than before. It took me about 4 hours to complete the first bathroom because I was repeating steps 2-4 for each item, one at a time. The second room took me about 2 hours. There were about 40 fewer items to enter, but changing the way I entered information was the real game changer.

Let me say this, the process I used for the first bathroom was so tedious, I considered switching to an app, but the app I chose would have been no less tedious. In the end, I still prefer my spreadsheet. It is so flexible and accessible (on my phone, computer, wherever).

Now that it’s February, I am going to tackle the Front Hall Closet and Laundry Room. My laundry room is really a laundry closet, but c’est la vie, it does the job. See you in March.

Here’s hoping I don’t need to file any claims. This will take some time!

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