Medical payments, middle schoolers, and mini-vans.

As many of my clients know about me, other than being an Insurance Ninja, I spend the majority of my time being a mom.  As a mom to two tweens and a foreign exchange student, a mini-van was in my future. There was no running away from this. With the mini-van comes the taxi service I provide for my children, their friends, and the multiple sports teams that they are involved with.

Insurance Ninja Van


Yesterday I had the pleasure of transporting some of Claire’s volleyball team to an away game at Battle Ground Academy.

Some of the things I observed and learned on the ride up:

  • There’s a main social media account and then there’s a side social media account.
  • I heard one little girl tell the team, “don’t follow my side Instagram account, because I don’t want my parents to find me.” Okay….that’s another blog for another day.
  • Then there came a point where I literally observed them all on their phones, and I just had to ask the girls if they ever actually just talked to each other when they were in each other’s presence. Or did they just spend most of their social time on the phone?
  • They instantly took that as a cue to collectively begin prank calling some of the boys in their class I’m not sure how you prank call with caller ID these days, but they did it. So now they were at least interacting with each other through the means of their phone.

Again, I have digressed.

How does this relate to insurance and medical payments?

Many of my clients ask me the purpose of medical payments?  What are they?

As our site explains, medical coverage, “provides for your passenger and your medical expenses that are the result of an accident.”

Volleyball Trip in Van

I generally tell them that medical payments are for you (the driver) and your passengers.  Remember, you are responsible for choosing this number.
  • Some policies offer as little as $500 per person to $25,000 per person.
  • In my experience, I generally see about $5,000 on policies. But again, the choice of medical payments is related to your comfort level.
  • Medical payments are usually the first amount that is paid out for you and your passengers. Health insurance kicks in after that.  The average ER visit can cost $1,233.

Emergency Room Entrance
As you can see, as both a driver and a mom with a mini-van, I’ve got more exposure carrying these precious middle school girls around.  The medical payments I have on my auto policy are for these girls. Those payments are there to protect them in case they are injured in the vehicles that I am driving.

Consider the exposure that you have personally while carting around other passengers and be sure to review your medical payments limit with your current agent.


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