Meet Virginia

Meet Virginia – She’s Kind of A Big Deal

Meeting Virginia

It was a warm afternoon while working in my office alone, when an authoritative, but yet still loving sounding, type of woman called my office.  She didn’t ask me if I was hiring, but told me that she lived very close to my office and that she was coming at a certain date and time for an interview. I was somewhat taken aback by the authority with which she spoke, but judging by the sound of her voice, she was not a woman to be trifled with, so I complied. Later, I would find out that behind the authority in her voice was the culmination of 20 years of experience teaching freshman English (not to mention a teacher of the year award).

I knew I had stumbled upon someone special for my office. Any woman that can speak to a room full of freshmen AND win teacher of the year has my utmost respect as a miracle worker. After all, I have my own soon to be freshman. And there have been many times I find myself shaking my head in amazement of the lack of logic that flows freely from his mouth. #motherspeak

She Really Is A Big Deal

As most already know, since many have had the pleasure of meeting Virginia Corbitt, she really is something special – or as her name plate says, “Kind of A Big Deal.” Unlike a lot of other professionals in the industry, she really does go the extra mile. And by the extra mile we mean that she will be quick to tell you if your skirt is too short (can’t escape that teacher), or your shirt needs to be ironed.  Just kidding – well, maybe not.   I really have seen this lady go above and beyond in her services, because I know she truly cares about our clients.  She has been in the insurance industry for over 2 decades and we are so fortunate to have her in our office.

In fact, just recently we were blessed with a deliciously enormous barbecue rib lunch, given to us by one of our clients. He was so happy that Virginia had taken such good care of his EMT business’s insurance needs that he brought the entire office a heaping buffet of some of the finest southern treats imaginable – cornbread, tea and all.

Virginia, we love you!

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