Now Offering Pet Insurance

We now offer Pet Insurance for you and your furry family member. This coverage provides medical coverage for medical expenses for your dog or cat.

Why buy it?

Pet health insurance is similar to human health insurance. Buying a policy for your fur baby can help you offset medical costs for their care and treatment.

Who is Covered?

We can cover your cat or dog when they are at least 8 weeks old. There is usually a 14-day waiting period before coverage begins.

What is Covered?

The basic policy we offer starts with coverage for accidents, injury, or illness. You can then add more coverage to your policy, like dental illness, hereditary and congenital conditions, and/or behavioral issues. You can also add preventative care coverage to your plan. Consider the age, breed, and condition of your furry family member when deciding the coverage you need.

Like a health insurance plan, you will have a deductible before the policy kicks in. The policy then reimburses you for a percentage of your out-of-pocket costs until you reach the maximum coverage amount. There may also be exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Changing these factors will affect the cost of your policy. Start your quote with us today!

Other types of Pet Insurance available

For pet owners who have working or high-value pets, we also offer pet mortality coverage. This coverage is similar to a human life insurance policy. Call us for more details.

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