Socktober Donations Delivered!

Sock Drive Dropoff at Nashville Rescue Mission

Thank you!

We delivered your Socktober Donations to the Nashville Rescue Mission. While we were there, we were able to tour the entire facility and learn all about the programs they offer. We are collecting our thoughts and will have a New blog, coming soon!


It has taken us months to digest everything we experienced at the Nashville Rescue Mission. We knew that they are on the front lines assisting Nashville’s homeless population. And we knew that they provided food, clothing and shelter to men at the downtown facility and to women and children at their North Nashville facility. But it was the things we didn’t know that we found so overwhelming and so powerful.

What we learned on our tour:

The Nashville Rescue Mission coordinates with Metro Government and non-profit agencies to coordinate shelter when it is too hot or too cold for people to safely sleep outside. They have vans that patrol the streets offering emergency shelter.

The rescue mission coordinates with local restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, coffee shops, etc. and receives food donations almost daily. This effort benefits everyone in the city because it 1) reduces food waste and 2) provides three nutritious, hot meals are offered every single day. While we were there, we saw some donuts from Five Daughters Bakery and started drooling a little. Understandably, some of the local working poor also eat lunch at the rescue mission during the work week to save money.

When someone visits the rescue mission, they are able to receive services to help them address the causes of their homelessness. People receive financial and other types of counseling while they are at the mission. They are able to stay rent-free while they get jobs and work to get back on their feet. Some people are even able to gain work experience at the mission itself.

A significant percentage of the people who utilize the rescue mission are struggling with addiction. And they come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all economic strata. This was the most surprising thing we learned in our visit. We learned that addressing addiction is a bigger issue than we realized!

After learning about addiction, we were delighted to learn that the Nashville Rescue Mission runs a free addiction center. People come from all over the Southeast to receive free help here. But the addiction center is serious work. The men and women accepted into their program are given even more resources and training. But they cannot use any drugs, alcohol or even cigarettes. This program is amazing!

You donated some gently used socks. But you also gave safety and hope to a man, woman or child struggling with homelessness. And we cannot thank you enough!

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